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What to do in Bariloche? Visit to Centro Cívico Clock

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As you may know Centro Cívico is a top attraction for tourists and visitors in Bariloche. The imposing buildings made of local greenish stones  and the large wooden doors surrounding a relatively small square correspond to the facilities of the Town Hall, the Provincial Police, Tourist Information office, Sarmiento Library and and Patagonian Museum.
Among public buildings, the Town Hall stands out due to its size and beauty. Its main wing ends in a tower from where an old clock accompanies the passing of time with its chimes every half an hour.  This clock was brought from Switzerland and installed in 1940. A small window opens under the clock activating a mechanism for four wooden figures that appear and greet each other when the clock strikes 12am and 6pm. These figures represent the earliest population in the area: one native (Tehuelche/Mapuche), one pioneer (immigrants), one priest and one soldier. 
This clock has been opened for guided visits, after several years.  Now, every Tuesday and Wednesday tourists and locals can explore the gears of the clock. 
It is a perfect tour to practice Spanish after lessons and learn about Bariloche history while enjoying the views from the tower. 
Come and join us! We will visit it soon!
Written by Verónica Leone



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