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5 Cervecerías near La Montaña!

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After your Spanish lessons, it is nice to relax and practice with fellow students while tasting a craft beer in one of the several (almost 15) local micro breweries. These have been producing micro-brewed beer in Bariloche for a long time, but specially during the last 15 years many new micro breweries run by young enthusiastic “barilochenses” have been opened.
1. Manush: Located in an old bavarian-style house in Bariloche, is the place to sample the line of craft beer made in Bariloche. There is a variety of dishes to sample with their famous beers. Taste Victoria!
2. Berlina: Berlina's stout (dark beer) is highly reccommended by the most demanding beer sommeliers. However, this suggestion is also for two other varieties: Munich and India. The three of them make up a trilogy. 
3. Antares: Antares is present in Bariloche as the branch factory marplatense Brew.
4. Konna: It is a cozy, easy going pub   very popular with the locals.
5. Bachmann: A small factory Brew. You can also taste local cuisine, pizzas and snacks.
6. Blest: the most traditional, first and orignal micro brewery in Bariloche. Test Stout!



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